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fly fishing trips

Our fly fishing trips cover the flats and inshore waters around Sian Ka'an, Mahahual and northern Chetumal Bay. This encompasses a huge area and many different flats systems in which to encounter Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Triggerfish and more!

Bonefish are our main staple here and can be found in good numbers all year round. Most of the fish we find are from 2-3 lbs but we often encounter bigger fish up to         5-6 lbs.

We have lots of variety for fishing Bones, whether in large schools making muds or smaller groups in shallower water, however, our favourite type of Bonefishing is to put our clients on tailing fish. This is in our opinion the best Bonefishing possible and thankfully for us, there is a lot of it available. 

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Permit fishing is another great feature of our flats ecosystem here in southern Quintana Roo. We have really good numbers of Permit here all year round, resulting in area being called "the Permit capital of the world!"

The Permit fishing can heat up around March-June and in the fall months depending on cold fronts and different pressure systems but is generally pretty consistent. 

We tend to fish slightly smaller flies here for Permit than in most other destinations. these flies are generally a little bit lighter as we don't have to contend with much tidal movement that you may find in other destinations.

Tarpon complete the main 3 target species for our fly fishing charters. We are fortunate to have resident fish living here all year round. These fish range from 30-60 lbs and we do see the occasional bigger fish from 80-100 lbs.

Most of our tarpon fishing is done around the northern Cenotes in Sian Ka'an  or down to Rio Hondo. These require longer journeys to get to but normally prove worth it.

The tarpon fishing is good all year round but can be inconsistent depending on weather. Generally, the best time of the year to come and fish tarpon is in the summer months, from late May-September. This time of year sees our migratory fish move onto the flats in big numbers, giving you lots more shots at battling the "Silver King."

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Gear is very important when it comes to fishing in harsh environments and for strong fish. That's why we have a full stock of the best quality fly fishing gear possible for our clients to use during our charters. 

We are fortunate to partner with some great companies, producing top quality gear to make sure you have every advantage when it comes to landing the fish of a lifetime.

We have a quiver of T&T Exocett's from #6-11 to cover every species out there and have matched them with reels from nautilus and Tibor to give you the best stopping power.

This is offered as part of your charter at no extra cost. We also welcome you bringing your own gear and we are happy to rig and set up anything you want in order to maximize your day on the water.

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