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We have just opened our very own fly shop in Chetumal, Quintana Roo. The shop's aim is to service our clients and local anglers alike. Our premises are located in Colonia Campestre, a short drive from the waterfront. This location gives the perfect opportunity to allow anglers to try out items of tackle, cast rods and throw different brands of fly line before they make a purchase or put down an order. 


We are also offering a selection of saltwater specific fly tying materials, alongside standard saltwater flies for southern Mexico, and our custom tied patterns. We also offer items of clothing, accessories, a small selection of lure fishing tackle and a reel repair/maintenance service.


We currently have stock of items that we are imputing into our sister website. We expect more stock to arrive in the coming weeks as various manufacturers start to catch up with orders after the Covid closures. Our sister site ( will be going live in the next few weeks. If you are looking to order anything in the meantime, please visit our Facebook page, where you can see our live shop and catalog. Please feel free to drop us a message, email or call to enquire about our stock and when items will be arriving.


















Please be advised that while we will hold stock of items, being in southern Mexico can have its challenges. We recommend that if you have something specific you are looking for, please drop us a line a couple of days before you head down so we can ensure we have it in stock for you. Conversely, if there is something you would like that is specialist or not held in stock, then we can order it for you to arrive within 7 days. 


If you are in the area, both local, ex-pat or tourist alike, feel free to drop in for a chat, advice or to book your fishing trip with us. Keep following our blogs and social media for more information on stock, opening times and events.


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