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light tackle trips

Our light tackle trips cover the inshore waters around Sian Ka'an, Mahahual and Chetumal Bay. This encompasses a huge area of flats, bays, channels and reef. This allows us to target a variety of different species depending on the time of the year and prevailing weather conditions.



Bonefish are our bread and butter here in Mexico. We have lots of bonefish around and they can be caught 365 days a year. We target Bonefish with either light buck tail style jigs, soft plastics or casting small baits. all our Bonefishing is done to sighted fish. We strongly believe that this is the best form of Bonefishing there is and can offer lots of shots throughout the day. 


Permit are also here in abundance and we can target these with live crabs and shrimp style lures most of the year. In addition, we have good Tarpon fishing in the summer months both on the flats in deeper channels. The summer also brings lighter winds, allowing us to fish for rolling Tarpon in calmer bays and lagoons with lures or live sardines/crabs. This can offer some really exciting sport, especially on the slicked out days. 


We are fortunate to have a lot of large Barracuda frequenting the many flats systems around southern Quintana Roo. They can be targeted most days and offer fantastic sport, being hard fighters and clearing the water in an acrobatic style. We target these fish in a variety of manners depending on conditions. The best methods tend to be fishing tubes/swim baits or casting live sardines. 


Our Shark fishing can also be very good, especially on those days when the conditions are rougher. We start our Shark fishing by first catching a few Snappers for bait, before drifting through some select bays and lagoons. Shark fishing can be exhilarating with lots of hard battles and long runs. We mostly target Black Tip and Lemon Sharks and make sure that all tackle used is up to the task and safe for the fish.  

Snapper fishing is always good here with Mutton, Mangrove, Reef, Cubera and Schoolmaster Snapper all in abundance. They are great to target to add some variety to the day or to bring a few back for dinner. Snapper are easily caught in a variety of different places using cut bait, small jigs, and soft plastic baits. Snapper fishing can be thick and fast, with bigger snapper putting up a strong fight on lighter gear.


Other species we find out there include Jack Crevalle, Yellow Jacks, Grouper, Triggerfish and Spanish Mackerel. These are less frequent or found in more specific areas than other species but are still a real possibility on each trip.

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Gear is important when targeting the hard fighting species we have here. Rods need to be strong and have good lifting power, especially for big Tarpon and Sharks. For these, we fish 15-30 or 25-40 lbs class rods, with 4500-4000 size reels and 40-50lbs braid. For Barracuda and Permit we scale down our gear to 15-30 and 8-17 lbs class rods with 3000 size reels and 20lbs braid. Bonefish and snappers require much lighter tackle for presentation and enjoyment. We like to use ultralight spin rods with 2500 size reels and 15lbs braid. All our gear is high quality and well cared for. We use Daiwa, Falcon and Teklon rods and the new Daiwa BG series reels, coupled with premium braided line from Varivas and Sufix to make sure you get every advantage when it comes to landing a fish of a lifetime.

This is offered as part of your charter at no extra cost. We also welcome you bringing your own gear and we are happy to rig and set up anything you want in order to maximize your day on the water.

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