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Picture The Scene...

Long, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and the adrenaline rush of seeing a Permit slide in under a wave and tail at your feet. 


Then, in the same breath, you see a school of Bonefish making their way across a sandbank, stopping to feed in a cut.


Maybe Triggerfish are more your thing, in which case stalking dark shadows feeding around coral heads would be a more appropriate vision.


Or, if you prefer a workout, running down packs of Jack Crevalle as they hunt baitfish in the surf might be right up your street.


All of these options and more are available on our guided Wade Trips. Every trip is completely customisable and tailored to you, making every day unique. Simply tell us what you want to do, and we will do our best to give you an unforgettable experience! 

Scroll down to see an example of where we fish and the species we catch.


In the Costa Maya, we are fortunate to have unfettered access to miles of white sand beaches both north and south of Mahahual Town. The beaches are very accessible and offer the angler a great variety of species to chase with fly or spinning tackle.


Our primary focus when targeting the beaches is to look for the large schools of Bonefish and groups of Permit that cruise the troughs left by wave action at each tidal phase. All this results in a fishery unlike any other, with shots at fish in crystal clear water, a mere rod length from shore.


Aside from our main targets, we also have good chances at tussling with Jacks, Cuda, Tarpon and Snook, giving you a true variety of options throughout the day.


Beach Bonefish
IMG_1794 3.HEIC


Chasing fish on foot is a special feeling. You feel a connection that often can't be replicated from the bow of a skiff. This connection is further emphasised when wading a remote tropical flat, inching closer to a school of fish you have always dreamed about catching.


Here at Fly Fish Costa Maya, we are here to make those dreams a reality! Our 75+ miles of open access shoreline is filled with a maze of Turtle grass, sand and coral flats, from Espiritu Santo Bay to the north, all the way south to Chetumal Bay. 


The vast amount of fishable water in the area provides us with an opportunity to chase different species in different locations every day, meaning, unlike other locations, no two days will be the same. Enjoy great sport casting to Bonefish, Permit, Triggerfish, Jacks, Cuda and more under the backdrop of the stunning Mexican Caribbean.


Along our shoreline, we have a series of sheltered bays and protected areas that we can turn to on days of inclement weather or rough seas. Our bays are sheltered from the main wave action due to our Barrier Reef, running parallel with the shore.


While our focus is getting out of the elements on inclement days, this doesn't mean that targeting the more sheltered bays can diminish our ability to catch a range of species on all manner of tackle. 


Each bay is slightly different, but they all share the same characteristics that make them conducive to Triggerfish, Permit, Jacks and Cuda. So, whatever the weather, we stand a strong chance of coming tight and having a memorable day, even if the weather doesn't cooperate. 

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