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Itinerary, Discount's and More

What to expect from a FfCM trip

From the minute you book your trip, to sipping down back a cold drink at the end of a successful day, Fly Fish Costa Maya offers a professional, safe and fun time out on the water. After the booking process, we will keep you up to date on fishing reports and plans for your trip so we can maximise our time on the water and try to fulfil your expectations. All our trips include:

  • Pick you up from your hotel and transfer to the fishing locations or our private dock and boat ramp

  • Full gear rigged and ready to use depending on gear needed or if you would like to use your own.

  • Cooler full of ice and drinks (soda and water) on all half day trips and lunch included on all full day trips. Alcohol is an optional extra.

  • A clean vehicle and/or skiff with full safety gear to comply with Mexican Law and a full tank of gas.

  • Fully qualified, licensed and professional English speaking guide. 




We are very fortunate to do what we love on a daily basis and realise that it is important to give back. This is why we are happy to offer discounts on our trips to help show our share our sport to a wider audience. 

If you are either a veteran or active serving member of the military or armed forces then we are happy to offer a 20% discount on all charters in recognition of your service.

We are also proud to offer a 10% discount on all charters for parents and children. We are motivated to get more kids into fishing and enjoying nature to help boost our sport.

These discounts can be redeemed after paying your deposit and will be deducted off the final payment.


Tipping your guide can sometimes be a stressful experience. Often trying to strike the right balance between too little and too much can be difficult to find. 

At Fly Fish Costa Maya, we recognise that a tip isn't a given and should be earned. We work very hard to provide you with not only a great fishing experience, but a great trip as a whole. We are happy to go above and beyond to leave you satisfied and wanting to return. As a result we welcome any tips as a sign of a great day out on the water.

In Mexico, the average tip for a fishing trip is normally 20% (or around $100 for full day charter) of the cost of the trip and is paid in cash  Hopefully this will give you a clearer idea for your wade trip/charter and remove any stresses from the tipping process.

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