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My First Salt Water Fly Fishing Experience

Coming from the UK, I had no previous experience of fishing a fly in saltwater. My casting was OK and I'd been practising a little in preparation, reading and watching videos but, the reality was that this really hadn't prepared me for what was to come.

For my first trip it seemed ill advised to spend upwards of $750 a day on a skiff in Florida to practice and learn the skills, so I looked at alternatives. Mexico looked more cost effective and I liked the idea of wade and sight fishing and it was half the price. I contacted Capt Will, explained my situation and skill levels and he was great. He explained what I should bring in terms of clothing, footwear and tackle (although he could provide the latter if required) and he made all the arrangements for me in terms of collection from the airport (for a small charge) and accommodation.

Everything ran smoothly and was well organised. Capt Will had told me fly fishing in the surf is nothing like I was used to and he was right. At first it was disconcerting, a steady breeze and wind on the water soon showed up the weaknesses in my adequate casting and although we spotted a number of fish, my casts were falling short. However, with a few minutes "coaching" to cast from a much lower angle at about 45 degrees to the water rather than my very upright normal stance, I quickly added distance and by the end of the first day had added about 20 feet to my casts. More than sufficient to catch my first Bone fish and Trigger. The rush from sighting, casting and capturing a fish in the surf was exhilarating. 

Over the next three days we caught a number of Bonefish and Triggers, spotted some Permit which I could not get to eat, as well as some Tarpon from a nearby Cenote. What a brilliant first trip, I have already booked for next year, and thank you Capt Will, your patience and knowledge made this the trip of a lifetime with some great memories to take home.

All the best


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