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Fly Shop Update

We had a small order of fly tying materials and hooks arrive this morning. We are waiting on more materials arriving, including brushes, natural materials, threads, epoxies and tying equipment. We are also waiting on our fly lines and backing to arrive from Cortland and SA, along with our order of Shilton reels.

We are slowly growing and things are getting increasingly more exciting here. Next job is to start putting up the display racks and casings. Whilst we are not 100% open to the public, we can still take orders online or over the phone. If you would like to pre order any products then drop us a line over the next few weeks. Now is also a great time to get in touch if there is a specific item you require. We can add that to our shipments and have it here in a few weeks. Alongside the fly shop, we also offer a full repair and maintenance service for fly and spinning reels. This includes a strip down, clean and re oil/grease. We can also rig reels with our shop line and backing offerings, or kit you already have.

With over 5 years experience of working in fly shops around the world, fish with confidence, knowing your gear has been serviced and rigged to the highest level. Feel free to get in contact to learn more about what we offer and the services we provide. Being Chetumal’s fly fishing specialists, we can help with all manner of questions, advice, gear or general fishing chat.

All the best,


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