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Video: Fly Tying - The Hackled Crab

The Hackled Crab;

Here we are tying up one of our go-to skinny water flies for Triggerfish, Permit and Bonefish. We like to fish crab flies around coral/rocky structure where we tend to find tailing Triggerfish and Permit. This fly is a great choice for these situations as it lands soft and gives plenty of movement. This is crucial when needing to present flies close to fish without spooking them, especially in a surf style environment. We also tie this fly on a slightly lighter wire hook and in smaller sizes for presenting to tailing Bonefish or schools of bones in shallow water. The hackle aids in a softer presentation, along with pushing water on a faster strip, something the Bonefish struggle to resist. If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, please visit our website at There you can see our regular blog postings, photos and more information on the guided trips and services we offer.

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