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Xcalak & Chetumal Bay

Imagine Yourself...


Traveling back in time to a distant tropical land where time loses all meaning. Where the palm trees sway, and the tide ebbs and flows — a place where nature is wild, and its environment is vast. 


Now, within that image, somewhere nestled between the aquamarine blues and the distant sandy cays  throw in a few thousand Bonefish, Permit galore, Tarpon of all sizes and just about any of the Caribbeans' other dream inshore game fish species.


If you can picture all that, you will have a good idea of what life is like out on the Xcalak and Chetumal Bay flats! 


Whether it's the birdlife, stunning Caribbean vistas, or world-class fishing, we can promise you that we will show you a unique and memorable experience out on the water.


Chetumal Bay Flats

Chetumal Bay, an expansive wonderland for the intrepid flats fisherman! Our bay fishery is a vast area made up of hundreds of cayes, rivers, ponds, lagoons, cuts and banks. Within these numerous environments, we have a smorgasbord of options to fit every angler's needs. 


Depending on the weather conditions, we could find ourselves poling white sandbanks in search of Permit, wading ankle-deep grass flats for tailing Bonefish, or casting to strings of Tarpon passing remote cayes. Not to mention the list of 'other' species, such as Barracuda, Snapper, Jacks, Snook and Cobia that are all a real possibility on every trip. 


The fish are happy, the cooler is full and our skiffs are loaded, the only thing we are waiting for is you!

Xcalak Front Side Flats 

The front side of Xcalak, or 'out front' as we like to say, is an expansive coastline fishery that offers a little bit of everything, regardless of the conditions. 


To the north, we have the the Rio Huach lagoon system, boasting consisitent baby Tarpon and Snook fishing year round. Running south, we have a maze of grass flats, sandy shorelines and coral bommies, all of which are home to Bonefish, Permit and Triggers, along with the occasional Shark and Cuda. 


Finally, heading south of Xcalak town, the water turns coloured and offers excellent opportunities to target rolling Tarpon, as well as Snook and Jacks as they feed on Sardines and glass minnows sheltering close to the mangroves.


Mangrove Lagoons

The area surrounding Xcalak on the Chetumal bay side is a wild and relatively untouched place. We see very little boat traffic and zero industry, aside from the few fishing guides that have the privilege of calling this place their office.


Both to the north and south of Xcalak, we have numerous rivers, creeks and cenotes that come together to form lagoon systems of differing sizes. These lagoons are mangrove-lined and accessible on all tidal phases. The clear water and marl bottom mix allow for great biodiversity within each lagoon, providing plenty of food for Bonefish, Snook, Cuda, small Permit, and Tarpon. 


The added bonus of these lagoons is that they offer excellent shelter during windy days or inclement weather, allowing our anglers to have great fishing, whatever the conditions, just like you can see in the video.

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